This year's edition of the Imperial College Homage Exhibtions will focus on Africa. The theme that will frame this year's exhibition is: African Empancipation, Digitalisation, Impairment.

Africa has long been labeled as an antithesis of many things. Rich and poor. Conflictual and accessible. Enslaved and liberated. Each of these words has relevance in a specific context, however, they only depend on the lens in which we perceive them.

In the same breadth, "African Emancipation, Digitalization, Impediment" aims to shine a light on the diversity of realities surrounding the African continent and its heirs. The world is not one-sided, and neither is African culture. By acknowledging the complexity of the world we live in, we can open genuine sensible conversations about the path we wish the future to take.

Our theme aims to give leeway to artists to bring their views and opinions to the public. It is designed to challenge preconceived ideas and support reflection. By referring to one of these facets, or by playing with their overlap, artists are encouraged to share thought-provoking concepts at the Imperial College Homage Exhibition.


The purpose of the Imperial Homage Exhibitions is to create a safe environment that facilitates important conversations on pertinent topics surrounding diversity through the means of art.


A means to change the backwards perception of the African continent and to expose students to a diverse, creative way of thinking.


Promoting opportunities in the art sector whilst creating an environment for students to expand their professional network.


Shining light on the changing environment of technology and its role in transforming the financial, social, and artistic landscapes of the future.