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Join us in the heart of London for a world-class exchange

Imperial College Business School inspires the best minds to become future business leaders. As part of Imperial College London, a global leader in science and technology, we drive business advantage through the fusion of business and technology and an entrepreneurial mind-set. We combine innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop practical solutions to real world issues, benefiting business and improving society.

Situated in London, one of the world’s most important financial and cultural centres, the Business School has access to industry experts and the direct experience of major corporates, consultancies, investment banks, venture capitalists and public sector organisations, which all help to make our teaching and research practical and relevant.

Nominations and Applications

All visiting students must be nominated by their home university. Once nominated, students will receive further information on how to apply online and to select their electives after the nomination deadline.


Academic Information

Language of Instruction English
Credit requirements

Students are advised to take up to 20 ECTS in a single term.

Transcripts Student’s transcripts will be made available after the Exam Board meetings. These meetings will take place in July for Spring Electives and September for Summer Electives. Final transcripts will only be available after the exam board. Provisional transcripts can be requested directly from the programme team.
Students will receive transcripts via their My Imperial accounts. At which point they can securely share these with their home school, Imperial College Business School cannot send transcripts directly to the home school unless specifically requested prior to the exchange commencing.
Electives Module outlines and guidelines for selection will be made available from July. Please note that the electives listed on this website are subject to change.
Communications Students are encouraged to use their university email address (i.e. home school email address) in their contact information to ensure ease of communications. Incoming students can expect to receive emails from Imperial College starting with the application process through enrolment and programme delivery.

Grading System

  • 85%+ - exceptional distinction performance
  • 70 – 84% - distinction performance
  • 60 – 69% - merit performance demonstrating a clear grasp of the relevant concepts and facts
  • 50 – 59% - pass performance demonstrating an adequate grasp of most of the relevant concepts and facts
  • 40 – 49% - fail performance*
  • 30 – 39% - fail performance (with significant shortcomings)
  • 0 – 29% - fail performance (with major shortcomings)

*Compensation of module marks*
Whilst a mark of below 50% for a module is a failure according to the College assessment scheme, in some cases, this may be compensated. Compensation is when a module can be passed and credit can be awarded by the Board of Examiners where the student has achieved a marginal fail. This normally applies when the average for the module overall (for instance, when the exam mark is combined with the coursework mark) is between 40-49%. Where a student achieves less than 40% for the module overall, the module cannot be compensated.


Modules will be assessed by a mixture of coursework and exams. Module outlines will be provided to students after the nomination deadline.

As per College guidelines, students will receive feedback on their coursework between 2 – 3 weeks after submission.

If you fail an exam but achieve over 40% on the module overall grade, you have passed the module and a re-sit exam is not required.

If you have not achieved a minimum of 40% on the module overall, you may be required to re-sit the exam or resubmit coursework to achieve a pass mark for the module. Resitting an exam or resubmitting coursework will result in the module being capped at the pass rate of 50%.

Students may only resit an exam or resubmit a piece of coursework once. Students have the opportunity to re-sit failed exams in the August/September resit period. The decision on whether you resit an exam to pass a module rests with your home institution.

Code of Conduct

The Imperial College Student Code of Conduct must be adhered to while on exchange at Imperial.

Additionally, the Business School has created guidance for students on using GenAI tools for assessments. Students must adhere to these guidelines while at Imperial. (Updated Dec 2023).


Business School exchange contacts:

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Gemma Quelch

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