Incoming Exchange - On Campus FAQs

Now that you have arrived on campus, what's next?

Please use this page to check for answers to any questions you may have now that you have arrived. If you cannot find an answer, feel free to reach out to us via

Prefer to speak to us in-person? Please feel free to come and see us at our office on the ground floor of 52 Princes Gate. It is always worth pre-arranging a time with us to ensure we are available to chat!

Online Platforms

  • IB Connect

    IB Connect is your one-stop shop for the Business School student community: connect with your classmates, network with like-minded students from other programmes, and manage your events and memberships. You will have been enroled onto this platform prior to arriving on campus.

    Your first step will be to access IB Connect, create your profile, and start getting to know your new community.

    You will be added to two groups within IB Connect:

    • IB Students, for general Business School information and upcoming events
    • IB Exchange Group, where you will get a chance to meet your fellow exchange students prior to joining us on campus and ask any questions in the group forum. Please introduce yourselves here!
  • My Imperial

    My Imperial is the main administrative student portal, which contains your personal details: your email addresses, name as it should appear on the transcript, and some other tools. Your Imperial transcript will be available here. You can find further details on how to request official documents, including your transcript and a statement of registration letter.

    Log into My Imperial here

  • The Hub (also called Insendi)

    This is our academic Virtual Learning Platform, where you will be provided with information and documents relating to your programme throughout the year (e.g. timetables, course materials, past-year exam papers, etc.). It is vital that you login to The Hub prior to your electives beginning. If you are experiencing any issues, please let us know.

    If you have not yet completed your induction module on The Hub, please do so prior to your electives beginning.

    To complete your Induction module:

    Choose Imperial Log In and use your Imperial username (e.g. JD23) and password to login. You will be enrolled on the Global Exchange programme and you will see a module called “Launch! Imperial”. This is your online Induction, in place of an in-person orientation. Please complete the content found in Materials “Study Essentials” and “Imperial Experience” as soon as possible.

    You will be enrolled on your chosen electives as they become available on the Hub. We aim to have you enrolled on The Hub from two weeks before the module begins. You can also check your schedule on your Imperial Outlook account and view your calendar there.

On Campus Support

  • Careers

    While on your exchange at Imperial, you will have access to our Careers services.

    Tailored just for exchange students, you will have access to three different types of services:

    1. The Careers Primer Module is a suite of activities to enable your lifelong career success. This comprises two sessions on the Hub, including ‘Foundations for Careers Success’ and ‘Writing Your CV and Cover Letter’, along with the IB VMock platform. You must complete these sequentially to access additional services.
    2. Gain access to Symplicity, our careers portal. You can book 1:1 appointments with a Careers Consultant, search Employer Events, view Employers, book places on workshops, access sector-specific webinars, and use our eResources. For clarity, you must complete the Careers Primer to gain access to this platform.
    3. Drop into Careers (Abdus Salam Library, Level 2) on Tuesdays (from 8 January) between 09:30 – 16:00 for informal conversations with Nathan Ayers, Careers Data & Technology Manager.

    Please note that there is a ‘three strikes’ rule with Careers services. We understand you will want to maximise all opportunities while at Imperial and will be keen to register for many activities – and we absolutely encourage you to do so. However, if you book an activity or appointment through Symplicity, you must attend. If you miss three bookings (sign-ups, RSVPs, or any other confirmation of attendance), you will be barred from accessing these services for two weeks.

  • Codes of Conduct

    Please take time to familiarize yourself with both the Student Code of Conduct and the Business School Guidance on using Generative AI Tools.

    As integrated students at Imperial College London, your enrolment with us is taken as your agreement to abide by these frameworks.

  • Exchange Buddies

    You will have been allocated with an exchange buddy prior to arriving on campus. This buddy will be an Imperial student who overlaps with your programme or interests and is a friendly face to welcome you to Imperial. We encourage you to start asking them any questions you may have before you arrive on campus.

    They’ll be a helpful resource for you as you join the Imperial community:

    • Showing you around campus, which may include a short tour visiting the programme team and ID card office
    • Welcoming you to their network of classmates, student clubs, and other groups and teams
    • Signposting support in navigating Imperial’s various systems to get the most out of studying and where are the best places to study on campus

    Please do not hesitate to ask them any questions you may have throughout your exchange. They are not just there to support you in your first few days!

  • Gym Access - Ethos Sports Centre

    Regardless of which campus you are based on, all Imperial students can use any of our sports centres. Students have a choice of two memberships. Student memberships are valid from 1 September to 31 August. For exchange students, we would recommend signing up to the Basic Membership. This is free and grants you access to the Ethos building. With this membership, you can book one of our pay-as-you go classes in the Ethos studio, book a session in the sports hall and purchase one of our monthly bolt-ons.

    Further information can be found on the Imperial College website

  • ICT Support

    The Imperial ICT Service Desk is here to support you for the duration of your exchange. You can contact them in a number of ways:

    1. ASK Imperial online - use your Imperial username and password to access ASK Imperial, the online service portal for raising IT issies and requesting IT support.
    2. Call the team - +44 (0)20 7594 9000 from 8.30 - 18.00, or out of hours from 18.00 until 8.30.
    3. In person - visit the team on Level 1 of the Abdus Salam Library, South Kensington Campus, from 8.30 - 17.30.
  • ID Card Office

    If you have not already done so, you will need to collect your ID upon arrival on campus. Your exchange buddy can help you navigate your way around campus to find the office.

    Please note that the Imperial system will not be able to send your transcript at the end of your exchange if you do not collect your ID card. There are two steps to collecting your card:

    1. Complete a signed Day 1 Safety Induction Form. This must be printed out, signed, and brought with you to get your ID card. Either use the one linked on this webpage, or collect from our office location at 52 Princes Gate from 8 January.
    2. Collect your ID card. You need to upload your picture to My Imperial ahead of time and have it approved. Please note: ID Card Office is open 09:30-13:30 Monday-Fridays in the Sherfield Building (near the Library entrance). You are able to collect your ID card after your start date listed on your offer.
  • Access the wireless (WiFi) network

    You can connect to the College WiFi via one of the below methods:

    1. Imperial-WPA - Connect to the College WiFi using the Imperial-WPA WiFi network if you have a College account
    2. eduroam - eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It's accessible via 10,000 WiFi hotspots at universities, research centres, academies, schools, and other research and education institutions in more than 100 global territories and is free to use. College account holders and visitors and guests can use it. Find out more about Eduroam

Academic Support

  • Attendance Monitoring

    The Business School uses the My Imperial Campus app to track attendance for modules.

    Attendance in-person is mandatory for 75% of your sessions. You have the ability to join by HyFlex for 25% of your sessions.

    The My Imperial Campus app is designed to register attendance for students joining in person only. You MUST register your attendance for every lecture that you attend, and within 30 minutes of the class starting. Should you face technical problems, please advise your Programme Team immediately.

    Please review the policy and instructions.

  • Grading System

    • 85%+ - exceptional distinction performance
    • 70 – 84% - distinction performance
    • 60 – 69% - merit performance demonstrating a clear grasp of the relevant concepts and facts
    • 50 – 59% - pass performance demonstrating an adequate grasp of most of the relevant concepts and facts
    • 40 – 49% - fail performance*
    • 30 – 39% - fail performance (with significant shortcomings)
    • 0 – 29% - fail performance (with major shortcomings)

    *Compensation of module marks*
    Whilst a mark of below 50% for a module is a failure according to the College assessment scheme, in some cases, this may be compensated. Compensation is when a module can be passed and credit can be awarded by the Board of Examiners where the student has achieved a marginal fail. This normally applies when the average for the module overall (for instance, when the exam mark is combined with the coursework mark) is between 40-49%. Where a student achieves less than 40% for the module overall, the module cannot be compensated.


    Modules will be assessed by a mixture of coursework and exams. Module outlines will be provided to students after the nomination deadline.

    As per College guidelines, students will receive feedback on their coursework between 2 – 3 weeks after submission.

    If you fail an exam but achieve over 40% on the module overall grade, you have passed the module and a re-sit exam is not required.

    If you have not achieved a minimum of 40% on the module overall, you may be required to re-sit the exam or resubmit coursework to achieve a pass mark for the module. Resitting an exam or resubmitting coursework will result in the module being capped at the pass rate of 50%.

    Students may only resit an exam or resubmit a piece of coursework once. Students have the opportunity to re-sit failed exams in the August/September resit period. The decision on whether you resit an exam to pass a module rests with your home institution.

  • Programme Team Support

    The Programme team are here to support you with any academic queries surrounding The Hub, assessments, lectures and attendance monitoring.

    Please contact the relevant team depending on which programme electives you are attending:

  • Mitigating Circumstances

    Students may suffer from unforeseen circumstances during their studies that adversely affect their ability to complete an assessment task and/or their performance in a piece of assessment. Students are responsible for submitting their own requests for mitigating circumstances and for providing relevant evidence to support their claim. Each Programme team has procedures in place for considering mitigating circumstances.

    Please contact the relevant team depending on which programme electives you are attending:

  • Viewing your Timetable

    To view your timetable:

    Login to with your College username (using the format and password.

    You can also download your timetable.

    Helpful troubleshooting information.

    Your online timetable is live and personalised, so check this weekly.

  • Transcripts

    Student’s transcripts will be made available after the Exam Board meetings. These meetings will take place in July for Spring Electives and September for Summer Electives. Final transcripts will only be available after the exam board. Provisional transcripts can be requested directly from the programme team.

    You will receive your transcript via your My Imperial account. At which point you can securely share this with your home school, Imperial College Business School cannot send transcripts directly to the home school unless specifically requested prior to the exchange commencing. Please ensure your home school is aware of this.

Business School exchange contacts:

Somaya Ebrahim
Travis Mager
Gemma Quelch

Imperial College Business School
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