Incoming Exchange Application Instructions

The application and enrolment process

Welcome to the application and enrolment process for the Imperial College Business School exchange programme. Please read through this page in its entirety to ensure a smooth application process.

The application process is divided into two stages. In the first stage you’ll need to create an account on Imperial Gateway and complete the online application form, ensuring all required fields are filled accurately as described on this page. In the second stage, you'll need to upload your documents to complete your application.

The application link is at the bottom of this page.

The enrolment process begins on My Imperial and requires a copy of your passport and may also require proof of travel. You must also email our Admissions team to confirm enrolment.

Remember, you can only apply if you have been nominated by your home school. If you're interested but haven't been nominated, don’t worry, simply contact your home school directly for more information.

We recognise that the application and enrolment processes might appear overwhelming, but rest assured, we're here to assist you. Please follow these instructions closely and don't hesitate to contact us if you need clarification.

Phase One: The application process

  1. Register on Imperial Gateway: Begin the process by creating an account on Imperial Gateway.
  2. Submit your online application: After creating your account, you can now fill in the online application. Ensure all information is accurate and complete before the final submission. There are further details below on how to fill in the application form.

Phase Two: Document submission and offer acceptance

  1. Upload supporting documents: Next, you'll need to upload your supporting documents within your Imperial Gateway account. This is a crucial part of the application process.
  2. Accept your offer: If you receive an offer from Imperial College, you'll need to formally accept it via your Imperial Gateway account. Following this, you'll receive an email with your Imperial email address and login details.
  3. Access My Imperial: After receiving your credentials, log into the 'My Imperial' portal. Here, you'll upload your travel documents, including passport and flight details. Once completed, inform the Admissions team via email at

How to fill in the application form

Create an account

  1. In Select course type - choose 'Visiting and Exchange, Summer School, Pre-sessional English'.
  2. In Academic programme - select 'Business School Taught Programmes (Occasional FT)'. Do not select 'Business (Occasional)' as it leads to an incorrect application for your mode of study and may delay enrolment.
  3. In Entry term - select 'Spring 2023-2024' or 'Summer 2023-2024' depending on when your planned study starts. If you are attending both terms, please select 'Spring 2023 - 2024'. Once you've filled all fields, click 'Create Account' and verify your account via email.
  4. Once you've filled all fields, click 'Create Account' and verify your account via email.

Fill in your application

  1. When you log back into Imperial Gateway, please use the following information for your application: 'Short Courses and Visiting Student (Non-Degree)' from the three application types. On Page 1 of the application, please use the following information:

Please use the answers provided for all applications.

Apply Online page

Application type

Short Courses and Visiting Student (Non-Degree)

Page 1

Application category


Page 1

Anticipated entry term

Spring 2023-2024 or Summer 2023-2024

Page 1

Academic Programme

Business School Taught Programmes (Occasional FT)

Page 1

Mode of study


Page 1 The framework under which you are applying Exchange (Non-Erasmus)
Page 1 Intended study plans for this period of short-term study Modules, including projects (from the curriculum)
Page 1 Start and end dates based on your chosen study term Spring Term: Start Date – 6 January 2024, End Date – 22 March 2024 or Summer Term: Start Date – 27 April 2024, End Date – 28 June 2024
Page 1 Do you hold an English Language qualification? No

Upload your supporting documents

  1. After submitting your application, log in to your Imperial Gateway account, head to the Supporting Documents and References tab.
  2. Upload your CV in the section titled transcript (including your current programme of study)
  3. Share your proposed study plan - please upload details of your elective choices and email your study plan over to us via
  4. Attach a letter of nomination from your university.
  5. Once submitted, we'll review your elective choices and reach out to you if further details are required.
  6. Once confirmed, review and accept your official offer for study via your Imperial Gateway account.

How to enrol

Access My Imperial and upload documents

  1. Once you've accepted your admission offer, you'll receive details on how to activate your Imperial account. This account will give you access to My Imperial.
  2. After activating your account, log in to My Imperial. Then, click on the passport tile and enter your passport details and upload a scan of your passport, including proof of visa. If you're a Visa National, your visa will be issued as a sticker in your passport. If you're a Non-Visa National, you'll need to also upload proof of your travel to the UK to My Imperial. This can include a boarding pass, airline ticket, or other booking confirmation. For more detailed information about Visa Nationals and Non-Visa Nationals, check out Imperial’s International Student Support pages.
  3. After uploading your documents, email the Central Admissions Team at Use the subject line 'Exchange Student Visa Information' and include your name and date of birth (as it appears on your application).
  4. The Central Admissions team will review your uploaded documents. Once they've been checked and approved, you'll be cleared to enrol at Imperial. You can complete online enrolment up to one month before your study begins.

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